Natural Coconut Oil for Increased Energy and Great Skin

Never has there been a more versatile tropical oil than natural coconut oil. Natural coconut oil has been used for everything from a dietary supplement to skin and hair beauty treatments.

What is Natural Coconut Oil?

Natural coconut oil is, as you might think, extracted from coconuts (the seeds, if you will of the coconut tree). This coconut oil is then used for everything from cooking oil, as a vitamin supplement, or as a topical cream for the skin and hair. Truly, natural coconut oil is perhaps the most useful and varied substance to come from the tropics. And because coconuts are in such abundance throughout the world, natural coconut oil can be purchased at very low prices.

natural coconut oilAt one time, coconut oil was looked down upon because it was considered unhealthy. However, recent information has come to light showing that the “bad” coconut oil was unhealthy because it was made from dried out pieces of coconut that were over-processed a blasted with sodium hydroxide.

These days, natural coconut oil is extracted from fresh coconuts, and never processed with chemicals. This makes natural coconut oil one of the healthiest substances on the planet.

What are the health benefits of Natural Coconut Oil?

Well, let’s take a look at the internal uses of natural coconut oil, first. Natural coconut oil is a great source of energy, and when taken as a dietary supplement, one little capsule of natural coconut oil can provide your body with more energy than several cups of coffee or power bars. Plus, natural coconut oil doesn’t make your body “crash” after the energy wears off.

Second, coconut oil is used in many weight loss programs. The reason for this is that regular use of natural coconut oil increases the body’s metabolism, causing it to absorb nutrients faster and to quickly burn calories. Also consider MCT oil for weight loss.

Natural coconut oil is also the only vegetable on the planet that contains lauric acids, which are essential building blocks for your immune system. Typically, lauric acids are gained from drinking milk and other fresh dairy products. However, natural coconut oil can boost your immune system so you do not have to eat dairy products which are high in cholesterol. Coconut oil is the only vegan-friendly source of natural lauric acids.

For external use, nothing works like natural coconut oil to improve the elasticity of the skin, reverse the signs of aging, and give hair a healthy shine and full body. Medically, coconut oil is used as an anti-inflammatory agent and to treat burns, cuts, and bruises.

Clinical Trials & Natural Coconut Oil

Scientists studied people living in tropical regions, and found that they have low cholesterol, high energy, healthy skin, and immune systems that are off the charts. While part of this was believe to be a diet rich in seafood, clinical trials showed that the majority of these healthy attributes were because a regular intake of coconut oil. When pushed to the extremes, laboratory tests have shown that coconut oil can even be used to treat and prevent Alzheimer’s (which is also a very rare occurrence in tropical regions.

What to look for when buying Natural Coconut Oil

Whether you are looking to use natural coconut as a beauty aid, or if you want to take it as a supplement to lose weight and boost your immune system, there are some common things to look for when buying natural coconut oil.

First, you should make sure that the natural coconut oil has “virgin” or “extra virgin” somewhere on the label or in the description. This means that the natural coconut oil is fresh and full of the healthy nutrients and antioxidants your body needs. If the coconut oil does not have those words, avoid it, because you may be getting something that does more harm than good.

Second, you want to make sure of the level of purity in your natural coconut oil. Whether as a dietary supplement, a skin cream, or a cooking ingredient, you want to make sure your coconut oil isn’t mixed with harsh chemicals or other things that might cancel out all of the benefits you want to reap from the oil.

Lastly, make sure you are getting your natural coconut oil from a reliable source. If you are ordering from a beauty supply store, or from and on-line health food store, you want to check out the reputation and customer reviews of their natural coconut oil products to ensure you are getting the very best for your money, and the very best for your body.